On Love Being Blind

All cliches have a valid point they are making. “Love is blind” is our pithy way of saying that love overlooks faults, foibles, and sins. But in the truest sense, I’ve long been of the opinion that it is not love that is blind, but hate.

True love sees, sees quite clearly the faults and even sins of the other, and chooses love (at times at great personal cost). True love sees the whole person–the wonderful parts, and rejoices; the ugly parts, and forgives; the lost potential, and grieves and prays.

Hate, on the other hand, is quite blind to the whole person, and sees only the part that has evoked the pain, wrapping itself around the pain in a coil of bitterness, rage, and revenge.

Love “hopes all things” (I Cor. 13:7) means that it opens itself to envisioning the redemption of the most heinous offender. Hate can only focus on the desire for retribution. I pray for my own soul to choose love today… and for yours.

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