On Sleepless Nights

It’s 5:14 am… I’ve been awake since 1:47 am.  Fortunately, I”ve not struggled with chronic insomnia, but I have had friends and clients who have for many years (I’ve had my episodes, just not chronic).  This time it’s not something that’s bothering me mentally, spiritually, or relationally, as much as simply physically.  I’ve dealt with chronic lower back pain for 26 years, and yesterday exacerbated the situation trying to workout when my back was clearly not in a mood to do so.  This time I bit the bullet and asked a doctor for help and he kindly prescribed a steroid pack, something I’ve never tried before.  I hope it helps, but the first effect seems to be keeping me awake.

One thing I have learned–letting yourself be frustrated by not being able to get back to sleep only compounds the problem.  I have learned to accept sleepless nights as gifts (I know it sounds strange) instead of grousing about the undesirable state of affairs.  Focus on the positives, like the rare tranquility of the middle of the night, the space to think, pray, or reflect in ways that you are usually too busy or distracted to.  Perhaps it’s a bit of self-manipulation, but I have learned that if I choose to determine to enjoy my awakeness, it is also the most likely way to find myself having gone back to sleep.


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