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On the Need for Conviction and Courage in Relationships

I admit it.  I teared up at the end of the movie Draft day?  Why?  I’m a sports addict so of course I’m a sucker for the subject matter of the movie, but I don’t think that’s what moved me. … Continue reading

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Why should I prioritize personal relationships over my career? 

The author Po Bronson, in his book, What Should I Do with My Life?, observed that he had met many people who had tried to live their lives by this equation: Dream… Lock Box… F&%k-You Money… Lock Box… Dream. He … Continue reading

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On the Death of Robin Williams

So much will be written on the life and now death of Robin Williams.  Those of us who are old enough to have witnessed his manic and wildly entertaining character from Mork and Mindy are still trying to take in … Continue reading

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On Self-Hatred

    I have written about self-esteem on this blog before (  Not very popularly, I’m afraid.  The following thoughts on self-hatred will perhaps be even less popular.  I share them because I think the path they invite us to … Continue reading

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What in the World am I Here For?

In confronting this thing we call the human experience, there are two basic ways of looking at the world:  1) a place we’re trying to make things go the way we want them to, or 2) a place to practice … Continue reading

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