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The Bankruptcy of Psychology

I sometimes remark to friends, colleagues, even clients when I feel it appropriate, that psychology is very often more fascinating than helpful. And being a person who desires to offer something actually helpful, I have found myself over the years … Continue reading

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Jesus Had Anger Issues

What if I told you I knew of a man who spent $10,000 a year on manicuring his fingernails?  If that was the only piece of information you had, you might tend to formulate a certain opinion of the man. … Continue reading

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On Male Virility

You can’t watch a sporting event these days (which is practically the only television I watch) without being inundated with commercials selling the latest erectile dysfunction drug.  The carefully crafted 60 second collages of men in their 50’s and beyond … Continue reading

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Kindness vs. Niceness

One of my favorite songs is “Kindness” by David Wilcox (listen here:   Sometimes I will tell a single client or friend (or the man in the mirror) to listen to this song.  Then I ask them to picture themselves … Continue reading

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On Sleepless Nights

It’s 5:14 am… I’ve been awake since 1:47 am.  Fortunately, I”ve not struggled with chronic insomnia, but I have had friends and clients who have for many years (I’ve had my episodes, just not chronic).  This time it’s not something … Continue reading

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