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Why should I prioritize personal relationships over my career? 

The author Po Bronson, in his book, What Should I Do with My Life?, observed that he had met many people who had tried to live their lives by this equation: Dream… Lock Box… F&%k-You Money… Lock Box… Dream. He … Continue reading

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The Bankruptcy of Psychology

I sometimes remark to friends, colleagues, even clients when I feel it appropriate, that psychology is very often more fascinating than helpful. And being a person who desires to offer something actually helpful, I have found myself over the years … Continue reading

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Jesus Had Anger Issues

What if I told you I knew of a man who spent $10,000 a year on manicuring his fingernails?  If that was the only piece of information you had, you might tend to formulate a certain opinion of the man. … Continue reading

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On Irritability

I’m sitting at the gate waiting to board my plane. A few minutes ago, the person just behind me and to my right began making an obnoxious popping sound with his lips, you know, like the sound of two expert … Continue reading

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Of Turtles and Men

Okay, Steinbeck’s title was better, as was his book. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to be learned from turtles. Yesterday was a spectacular middle Tennessee day–70 degrees and sunny, crystal blue sky. I couldn’t help but take some time … Continue reading

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