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Kindness vs. Niceness

One of my favorite songs is “Kindness” by David Wilcox (listen here: http://bit.ly/12gRGgb).   Sometimes I will tell a single client or friend (or the man in the mirror) to listen to this song.  Then I ask them to picture themselves … Continue reading

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On The Sinking of the Titanic

“Don’t blink… a hundred years goes faster than you think, so don’t blink”. So goes the country song by Kenny Chesney. For most us the sinking of the Titanic seems like ancient folklore, but to the handful of people left … Continue reading

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On the Doableness of Love

I’m not at all sure that “doableness” is a word, but it communicates what I want to say, so I’m going with it. Thomas Aquinas defined love as “willing good things to happen”. M. Scott Peck’s definition was “the willingness … Continue reading

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On Love Being Blind

All cliches have a valid point they are making. “Love is blind” is our pithy way of saying that love overlooks faults, foibles, and sins. But in the truest sense, I’ve long been of the opinion that it is not … Continue reading

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On Self Esteem

Probably one of the most common issues I come across is what has come to be called “low self-esteem”. It’s a real issue. But it seems to me that most of the approaches trying to solve low self-esteem end up … Continue reading

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