“Although it was nearly three years of hard work, Monte offered insight that allowed us to better (and more effectively) communicate.  Although we initially sought ‘quick fixes’, he encouraged us for the long haul, often reminding us that the process of our healing could feel ‘messy’…and he was right.  But Monte guided us to health and wholeness in our relationship.  Something that was probably never there in the first place.  The bleeding not only ended, but also actually healed.  Furthermore, we both became better parents, leaders and Christ followers after Monte’s counsel.”*

Mike and Tina Keil

“Monte King has been an integral part of not only my life’s journey but my family and friends as well.  Whether the issues are monumental and deep or one of many life frustrations, Monte has been a safe and sure resource of true wisdom and encouragement. His counsel has encouraged genuine growth and clear perspective. As an artist I have experienced a freedom that has enabled me to pursue the life I was created for.”*

Carter Robertson


“We don’t believe Monte feels like it is his job/career to counsel others–it is his calling. I have heard him say before that if the body of Christ ministered to each other in community like we are supposed to that there would probably not be a need to pay people for counseling services. But, because we are imperfect people in a fallen world, we are so thankful he is willing to do what he does and help us along in the journey. God used him to minister to us in a powerful way in the middle of some pretty rough stuff. If you are reading this, then I would say take a risk, don’t believe in coincidence and call him.”*

Bo and Kelly

*Individual results may vary.

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